January 11, 2015: DAY 71 of 365 Daily Photos – The Seymour Conservatory and Coffee at the Northern Pacific Coffee Company

This afternoon my wife and I decided to visit the Seymour Conservatory in Wright Park, Tacoma and stop for coffee afterwards.  We’ve visited the Seymour many times and we wanted a bright spot to lighten up the 18% grey skies we’ve been under for the past week or so.   Unbeknownst to us, the Seymour was hosting a guitarist when arrived which made it a bit difficult to walk around as we normally do.  We tried to be unobtrusive as possible and as we’re fairly familiar with the flora in bloom in January I snapped a few of my favorites for today’s Daily Photos.  The one that interested me the most was the Ponderosa Lemon Hybrid tree they have growing just as you enter the conservatory.  The tree is bearing fruit at the moment and the lemons are absolutely HUGE – easily, three to four times the size of “regular lemons”.  In fact, one Ponderosa Hybrid fruit easily has enough juice needed for a lemon pie.  The particular receipe I found on line stated you needed the juice of three to four lemons which could be met by one Ponderosa lemon.

The other two photos I’m including today include a Bird of Paradise and one of the stone works they have scattered throughout the conservatory.

Following the Seymour we stopped at the Northern Pacific Coffee Company for a cuppa of joe.  It’s a small establishment with books everywhere that you can borrow to read at home.  We’ve not stopped in quite some time and I was hoping we would arrive in time to hear the live jazz band.  Alas, they finished about 30 minutes before we arrived.  We’ll go again next week for Coffee and Jazz.

(All photos taken with the Nikon Df and the 24-85mm lens in AutoISO mode)

Ponderosa Hybrid Tree

Ponderosa Hybrid Lemon Tree

Ponderosa Hybrid Lemon Tree









Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise








Stone Figure

Stone Figure





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