January 12, 2015: Day 72 of 365 Daily Photos – Trees in Fog

I woke to a very heavy fog this morning.  I was excited as I would now have the chance to capture the nearby trees outlined in the in the fog as the morning became brighter.  The area where live is surrounded by big pines that have survived the urbanization thus far.  Most of the taller trees are trees that grew after the mid-1930s forest fire that swept through the area.  There are trees that did survive the fire (such as the truly tall pine growing in the north-east corner of our property) but they are few and far between.  We first realized a forest fire had swept though the area when we dug down about six inches and saw the layer of blacken earth.

Today’s Daily Photo: Pines in Fog (Nikon Df, 24-85, Auto ISO)

Pines in Fog

Pines in Fog

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