January 13, 2015: Day 73 of 365 Daily Photos – Morning Fog and Clear Afternoon Skies

Yep…it was very foggy again this morning.  I have to admit I’m absolutely crazy about taking pictures when it’s foggy.  Some fog shots are better than others, some just plain rock, and others can leave me contemplative of the shrouded views all around me.

January in the Pacific Northwest can be a month of weather variables from dry, warmish days (high 40s, sometimes in the low 50s) to bitter freezes where ice can be over an inch thick on trees and power lines, or stretches of rain or fog.  Total rainfall in January varies year to year, e.g.. almost 11.5 inches in 2006 to a little over three inches in 2013.  And, the region can have some truly devastating windstorms in January as well, such as the 1993 windstorm, aka “1993 inauguration Day storm ” where we lost power for days and days due to fallen power lines and downed trees.   While we’ve had some high winds in the past month, none remotely equalled the 1993 storm.

Today’s Daily Photos encompass both the morning fog  and late afternoon sun.  The morning was truly foggy and this afternoon was one of those spectacular January blue sky and bright sun.  In conditions such as this the setting sun casts magnificent orangish-redish hues on the trees are all around us.

Early Morning Fog (Nikon Df and 24-85 lens)

Early Morning Fog

Early Morning Fog


Pines in Late Afternoon Sunset (Nikon Df, Nikon 80-200)

Pines in Late Afternoon Sun

Pines in Late Afternoon Sun

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