February 27, 2015: Day 74 of 364 Daily Photos – Rainy Day Photo

Hi everyone, I’m back!

The surgery was good and I’m well into the healing process.  Walking is soooooo much better and as each day goes by, I’m walking more and more.  It’ll be a while until full activities begin but its good to be back on my feet again.

It’s been raining these past few days and, in many ways, its my favorite photo shooting time as the light is uniform with few shadows and I absolutely love that “wet look” that cannot be duplicated by other means.  In the “old” days (pre Nikon Df), I had to take a number of protective measures to ensure the camera wouldn’t be adversely impacted by the rain.  Now, as the Df is weather sealed, I can be more spontaneous when I’m out shooting.  This doesn’t mean I’m not cautious as I still try to keep the camera out of the elements as much as possible and I’ll wipe it dry as soon as I’m done.

Today’s photo is from my front yard.  The old wicker chair is saturated with rain and the andromedas are spectacular in full bloom.  In addition to being quite photogenic, the andromeda flowers will also be used this year to make andromeda mead, one of our favorites.

I would also like to thank each of you following my blog and those who have let me know that they liked individual posts.  I started my blog to to document my personal journey as well as to post photos that I thought were interesting.  As the internet has hundreds and thousands of blogs and various posts, I had no idea if my blog would even be noticed considering the sheer amount of information available.  You can imagine my surprise when one day I began receiving notices that people were beginning to follow the blog or that they liked particular images I posted.  To each of you following the blog or taking the time to let me know they liked a particular image, thank you again.

Today’s Daily Photo:  Rainy Day Photo (Nikon Df, 55mm Micro-Nikon).

Chair in Rain

Chair in Rain



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