May 18, 2015: Day 79 of 365 Daily Photos: Hawthorne Blooms

The area where we live (Graham, Washington), is home to Hawthorne trees by the hundreds.  They come in two varieties…those with white flowers and those with pink flowers.  We have a small number of Hawthorne trees of the white flowering kind in our yard.  I admire the tree for many reasons, they’re tenacious once rooted, they can grown in poor soil, the branches have long spikes for protection, and the red color of the berries are cheerful in the winter.  They propagate by underground runners and if you don’t watch carefully, there will be many Hawthorns rising up to conquer their immediate world.  Conversely, there are many people who don’t like Hawthorns for some of same reasons I listed, particularly the way they spread.

The Hawthorne blooms are fascinating to me, full of patterns with spiky looking stamens that are quite prominent when you look closely.  And, they have an absolutely wonderful smell as you walk by, frequently causing me to stop and enjoy the moment.

Today’s Daily Photos are close-ups of the Hawthorne flowers.

First, the Hawthorne tree itself…

Hawthorne Tree in Bloom

Hawthorne Tree in Bloom

Now, two macros:

Macro view of a Hawthorne bloom

Macro view of a Hawthorne bloom

Macro view of a Hawthorne bloom

Macro view of a Hawthorne bloom

All taken with the Nikon Df

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