May 21, 2015: Day 82 of 365 Daily Photos: Early Morning Garden

It was overcast when I walked in the south garden area this morning.  The light was magnificent and I have three images for you today.

The first features roses and garden art.  The rose is a single petal white climber that blooms year after year after year with climbers that easily can to 15 feet or higher.  This particular rose is from a rose we bought many years ago for $1.00.  It’s spectacular when it blooms in the spring and the original rose is now in three locations, the east back corner, over the entrance to the house, and on the trellis next to the back driveway.

White Rose and Sun

White Rose and Sun

The next image is a black-bearded iris.  We have a number of bearded iris but the black-bearded iris is our favorite.

2015-05-21_2733 Black Bearded Iris

The last image from this morning’s garden walk is of an orange poppy just opening up.  We have both red and orange poppies and I love the way they glow in the sun and the various stages they go through from bud to bloom.  This poppy has it’s “hat” on…the bud casting (for lack of a better term) that stays on the poppy as it begins to open.  The “hat” is always in three segments but I’m only showing two in this shot.

When it’s fully opened, the “hat” falls off.  By this time tomorrow, this particular poppy will be fully opened and I’ll show the image in tomorrow’s Daily Post.

Orange Poppy with it's Hat

Orange Poppy with it’s Hat

All images with the Nikon Df

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