May 22, 2015: Day 83 of 365 Daily Photos – Orange Poppy and Edel Weiss

As promised in yesterday’s post, here’s the “unhatted” orange poppy with a special twist…normally when I walk the garden, the poppies have been open for a while and they have a different look than one that’s just opened fully.  When my wife and walked this morning, I saw that the poppy had fully opened but it had a “crumply” textured look that I normally don’t see.  Here’s yesterday’s poppy with it’s “hat” on and the “unhatted” one from this morning.

Orange Poppy with it's Hat

Orange Poppy with it’s Hat


The "Unhatted" Orange Poppy

The “Unhatted” Orange Poppy


And finally, an edelweiss for you.  I first saw these in Bavaria when we were there in the mid-80’s.  We grew some after we moved here but they didn’t do well and eventually there were no more.  My wife had pressed a small number of the flowers for the family.  When our youngest son went to Afghanistan on his second tour, she gave him two of the three dried edelweiss we had as a protection.  He, in turn, gave one to one of his best friends.

When our edelweiss disappeared, we never thought we would be able to find another to grow in the yard.  When we were out today, we found an edelweiss plant and it’s now at home with us.



All images taken with the Nikon Df.

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