September 1, 2015: Return from the Long Slumber

Slumber is not really the right description, it was more of a hiatus, a break from the way I’ve always done things.  These past months have been interesting in more of the “may you live in interesting times”, kind of way, a period of self-exploration; reexamination of the Way of Routine in how I’ve done things over the past 50 years; a second knee surgery (same knee, same spot only deeper) helping my lovely wife contend with a broken ankle; and a much deeper commitment to my wife and family.  Photography took a back seat these past months as it just didn’t seem all that important in the overall scheme of things.  I’ve also been writing quite a bit, including an increased emphasis on journaling, including going through past journals and putting everything in chronological order.  That in itself is an interesting “journey” for as I read the various entries over the past years to today, it allowed me greater perspective, a more accurate perspective than what I carry in my mind on a daily basis.

Photographic wise…I’m still taking images as I see them, but at the same time, I’m not driving myself crazy to make sure I meet a schedule or a quota.  I’m honing in on what I truly like, e.g. landscapes and macros, subjects I’ve always like.  I’m also seeing more day-to-day subjects as I go through my daily journey in life.

As I look back these past months, I’ve realized that what’s really happening is that I’m shedding my structured life that was necessary to be successful in my work for the past 50 years.  Unfortunately, that structured life also adversely impacted very real and important aspects of life away from the job, aspects that suffered from my work perspective.  This metamorphosis from the past to the present is a long time coming and I look forward to the journey ahead in all things and especially with my wife and family.

Simple tomato sauce

Simple tomato sauce

Today’s photo….a simple tomato sauce we made from some garden tomatoes.   It is a simple sauce, 2 tables olive oil, two sweet small onions chopped, and four pounds of tomatoes.  The mixture was cooked down to a thick sauce and it is absolutely delicious.  The aroma was tantalizing and at the end, I wanted to have the fresh sauce over thin spaghetti a glass of red.  My wife told me over the years that when she was in Massachusetts she would go to a beach in  New Hampshire and have a “beach” pizza: thin pizza crust and a simple tomato sauce (olive oil, onions, and tomatoes) with shredded cheese melted on top.  She said it was the best pizza and I can see why with a sauce like we made today.





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