September 9, 2015:  Autumn Crocus and Honeybee  

We try to have a “bee-friendly environment in our yard.  It’s been tough this year due to a drought for th past two and a half months and a lower than normal spring.  As we live on the western side of the Cascades with an annual rainfall averaging 40 inches a year (based on our measurements from 2003 to date), it’s hard to image western Washington can be in a drought.  However, rain accumlation this year is only 15 inches and we’re still in dry weather.  Worst, the snow pack in the Cascades was only 16% of normal this year.  That’s terrrible news from an aquifer point of view, not to mention a drastic impact on the winter related business base.

So, as you can imagine, our “bee-friendly” yard is not as friendly as in past years.  The bees still come, however, and it’s always a joy to see them moving from those flowers in bloom.  This fall, our Autumn Crocus came in and the bees are estatic.  

Today’s photo is an Italian honeybee taking nourishment from an Autumn Crocus.  

(taken with an iPhone 6 with the RedDot Camera app and edited in Snapseed  This is the first photo taken with it and I really, really, really like the app!  It’s a $3.00 app and based on my useage today, I believe it’s going to be my go-to app for many images.  (Disclaimer – I have no relationship, nor receive any rewards from both companies – just a very satisified user.) 


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