September 11, 2015: Feather and Needles

We had a wind storm blow through our area recently with gusts up to 50 mph.  As wind storms go, it wasn’t the strongest we’ve weathered over the years but 50 mph gusts can really cause the pine trees around the house to sway to and fro and tends to get your attention.  Though the storm did cause significant damage (and unfortunately, some deaths) in some regions in Puget Sound, including power outages,  our little patch in the woods saw mostly downed tree branches and an incredible amount of pine needles blown off the trees.  We did lose power for about 12 hours but given some areas had no power for four or five days, we were fortunate.

The pine needle and branch fall was worse this year as we’ve had an extended bout of very warm weather and very little rain.  So, when the winds whipped through, all the dry needles were blown off covering the ground like a soft autumn yellow carpet.  As I was picking up fallen branches, I saw a feather nestled amongst the fallen needles.  It was quite beautiful.

Today’s photo:  Feather in Needles (iPhone 6, RedDot camera app, Snapseed)

Feather in Needles

Feather in Needles


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