September 20, 2015: Hummingbird Feather

Over the years many hummingbirds have visited the feeders we have in placed in the yard. Some hummingbird “couples” remain year round while others migrate through as the seasons progress.  While we always enjoy watching them feed, whether from the feeders or when the flowers they love to feed on come into bloom, we’ve never found one of their nests in the many pine trees in the area or any other permanent memento that may have been inadvertently left in their passage.

Until today…when we found a hummingbird feather that fell in one of the potted plants that was under the north side feeder.  It’s a slender feather approximately 1 1/2 long with the slightest hit of green.  We brought it inside to be photographed and eventually it will be put into the kaleidoscope tray for later viewing.  (We have a kaleidoscope that allows you to put different objects in a circular wheel as you desire.)

Today’s Photo:  Feather of a Hummingbird (Nikon Df, 55mm macro with tube extender, homemade lighting system).  I’ve also included another image with a dime for scale.

Feather of a Hummingbird

Feather of a Hummingbird

Hummingbird feather with dime for scale

Hummingbird feather with dime for scale

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