September 29, 2015: Daily Photo – September Super Moon Eclipse

Sunday night I went to my favorite location to photograph the much-anticipated super moon of the year.  Not only was it going to be much closer to the earth than it has for many years, but also an eclipse.  It can’t get any better than this whether you’re a photography, astronomer, or a spectator who loves watching full moons. One of the articles I read on this event stated the last time this sequence of events happened was 33 years ago.  I certainly don’t remember if we watched this event in 1984 as we were in Bad Toelz, Germany and may not have been able to view it at the time.

In any case, as the next one will be in 18 years, I certainly was not going to miss this one.

Already waiting when I arrived

Already waiting when I arrived

I arrived on-site at 6:30 pm and even then there was a smattering of cars in the parking lot.   30 minutes later, the parking lot and surrounding area was absolutely packed with people anxiously waiting the moon rise.

30 minutes later the area was packed

30 minutes later the area was packed


And they kept coming even as the moon cleared the horizon haze2015-09-27_4030




My goal this year, besides watching this spectacular event, was to capture two views in particular:  The first, an image with both Mt. Rainer and the rising moon; and the second, the moon at near totality, including surrounding stars if I could pull it off.

There was a low band of haze on the horizon which prevented us from seeing the moon begin it’s initial ascent…by about 7:05 pm the first faint outline of the moon could be seen through the haze.  By 7:15 pm, it was fully visible for all to enjoy.

Here are the two images that I believe captured what I was looking for…the mountain and the moon, and the moon surrounded by stars.  I hope you enjoy them as much I do.

Mt. Rainier and the Rising Moon (Nikon Df, Nikon 24-85)

Mt. Rainier and the Rising Moon

Mt. Rainier and the Rising Moon

Super moon with first views of the eclipse leaving totality (Nikon Df, Nikon 80-200)

Super Moon leaving totality

Super Moon leaving totality

Thanks for viewing!



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