2015-10-23: The Oregon Coast – Part 1

My, my, my, it’s been a while since I last posted.  It’s been hectic, a lot of yard work, appliance replacements,  four wonderful days on the Oregon Coast, and upon our return working on the north yard.

Throughout this past month I’ve periodically taken photos, both with the big camera as well as the iPhone giving me plenty of material to work on and post.

So, where to start…with the Oregon trip of course!

It’s been a very long time since my wife and I have taken a vacation over a night or two away from home and we were looking very forward to it.  The original plan of two nights was quickly changed to three nights once I realized how much there was to do while in Oregon.  We wanted to stay in a location that would allow coastal trips both north and south of where we would be staying so we could do those activities what we truly wanted at a bare minimum without going crazy from packed dawn to dusk days during our stay.  On the flip side, having one stated goal for each day allowed us the freedom to truly enjoy what we were looking forward to as well as taking time to stop as we wished while out each day.  This philosophy really worked out well for us and the Oregon trip was truly relaxing and memorable.

So, what were our goals for the trip and did we meet them?  The goals were remarkably few and, yes, we did meet them and more.  Before we left we decided that we would travel via the Washington and Oregon coastal roads on the way down – our first goal.  This allowed us to completely avoid the crazy hectic I-5 south corridor and the accompanying stress load from all the traffic.  True, this meant a taking more time to get to our destination but it also allowed us a leisurely drive through some beautiful scenery that I-5 South would have never have provided.  The remaining goals included stopping at the Tillamook cheese factory, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Undersea Gardens, Thor’s Well, and Heceta Beach where there was a lighthouse located.

After research, we decided to stay in Yachats, Oregon, located in an area known as the “Jewel of the Oregon Coast“.  Yachats is a small town, offered many places to stay and most importantly, provided easy access to those areas we wanted to see both north and south of where we would be staying.  We elected to stay at the Ya’Tel motel, a small but very nice motel two blocks from the beach.  It was a good choice.

Astoria-Megler Bridge - four miles long and a beautiful crossing

Astoria-Megler Bridge – four miles long and a beautiful crossing

The drive from Graham to Yachts was relaxing for the most part.  One of the perks we (or, at least myself) weren’t really expecting was the number of bridges we would cross once we arrived at the bay between Washington State and Oregon.  The first bridge, the Astoria-Kegler Bridge, was four miles long and spectacular to drive across.

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