October 28, 2015: The Oregon Coast – Part III…Yachats

We arrived in Yachats around 5:00 PM or so and checked in to the Ya’Tel motel in Yachats.  We choose the Ya’Tel as it was close to the beach, seemed to be within walking distance of a number of establishments, it had a full kitchen, and the winter rates just kicked in.  The check-in was painless and the owners were very friendly and went out of their way to help us with the room, made sure we had a quick overview of the town and nearby restaurants as well as being very patient with all the “tourist” questions I had for Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and other attractions we wanted to visit while on our mini-vacation.

Yachats is a small town and I mean it’s truly a small town.  It has approximately 750 inhabitants, virtually no fast food chain restraints, a lot of businesses are closed after 5:00 PM “ish”.  As we wandered around once we checked in we saw a number of unique shops to see if we finished with the daily activities before 5:00 PM.  As we found out Wednesday evening the shops we visited before 5:00 PM were quite willing to stay open for us and easily answered any questions we had.  The town has a laid-back feeling which was quite the refreshing change from the hectic western Washington corridor.

As we talked to the shop owners they all told us that many, many people visited Yachats this summer to the warm weather and that business was good but that they were also glad not be so busy for a while.

The Ya’Tel motel is about two blocks from the beach.  To get there you have to cross Highway 101 South which runs through the center of town.  As we were there during the winter season the traffic was light and we had no problem getting to the beach.

Some images (as always, clicking the image gives you a larger view).  All photos taken with the Nikon Df.

Sunset at Yachats

Sunset at Yachats


We stayed for a while enjoying the sunset and went back to the motel to have a light supper when the sun went down and the temperature began to drop.

Enjoying the Yachats sunset

Enjoying the Yachats sunset




A view of Yachats from the beach

A view of Yachats from the beach


The ocean is one of my wife’s favorite places to sit for a while.




A view of Yachats from the beach

Seagulls were everywhere


In the morning before we left for Cape Perpetual and Thor’s Well we walked down to the beach for a while as the tide was out and we could get a good look at the town from the ocean.  While the low tide allowed us this opportunity we didn’t realize until later what a difference in viewing Thor’s Well and the Spouting Horn there was between low and high tide.








Tomorrow’s Post…Cape Perpetua.

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