November 17, 2015: Catching Up

It seems the rain and wind has finally settled in with a bang.  While October’s total was 6.85 inches total for the month, the rains really didn’t begin in earnest until the 24th.  Since the 24th to this morning when I checked the rain gauge, we’ve received a little over 11 inches of rain with more rain being forecasted for most of the next 10 days.  The most important aspect of all this rain is that it’s coming down as snow in the higher altitudes of the Cascades.  And, if the snow pack continues to build over the fall/winter, that’s truly very good for the glacial aquifers as well as all the vast forests in the Puget Sound region and in the Cascade mountain range.

Our biggest concern with this much rain in such a short period of time are overflowing rivers as well as the ground being so wet that the big pines will topple when the high winds (with gusts up to 75 mph) forecasted for today and tomorrow sweep through the area.  The other real concern will be the big branches that  break loose and fall to the ground when the winds whip through. In past wind storms we’ve gathered up fallen branches from a few feet in length to upwards of 20 to 25 feet.  The big branches are heavy and can cause damage depending where they fall and what they fall on.

The front yard with almost two yards of fresh 50/50 soil.

The front yard with almost two yards of fresh 50/50 soil.

We’ve been busy since the last post some days ago.  We spread two yards of earth on the front yards and in other spots in the yard, trimmed back the vegetation that was spreading onto the drive way, weeded, trimmed roses and general pickup around the yard.  We still have a number of tasks to complete if the weather allows but, at the same time, if really adverse weather prevents this before the spring rolls in, that’s OK as well as the major work has been accomplished for the year.

The trimmed Cotoneaster.

The trimmed Cotoneaster.



Trimming back the driveway reclaimed about three fee on the edges of the drive way.  The Cotoneaster on the left side of the driveway needs trimmed periodically to stop the encroachment.





Trimming back the ivy and St. Johns Wort.

Trimming back the ivy and St. Johns Wort.

The opposite edge of the driveway was covered with a combination of ivy and St. Johns Wort, both of which are terribly aggressive and if left unchecked, will spread like crazy.  Nonetheless, we kept at it until finally the invasion had been reversed all the way out to the road.

The darkish area on the driveway is where detritus had accumulated under the ivy.  By the time we were done, we moved and redistributed almost 10 cubit feet of the earth like material.



Finally we trimmed the roses.  And, I have to tell you, they did not go “…quietly into the night” as they made sure they gave as good as they got.  While trimming roses has its drawbacks, knowing that the trimming has been completed is satisfying as it means that they’ll be healthier when they begin to grow out in the spring.

Late blooming roses gracing Buddha

Late blooming roses gracing Buddha




One of the crazy things we noticed is that some of the roses were still blooming due to warmer weather clear into late October this year.





Pumpkin pancakes made with Kodiak flour

Pumpkin pancakes made with Kodiak flour

Lastly, we had pumpkin pancakes for supper, a perfect ending for a good day.  The interesting thing about these pancakes is that they have approximately 14 – 22 grams of protein depending on the ingredients you use.  One cup of power and one cup of milk gives you 14 grams, substitute milk for the water ups it to 18 grams, and when you add an egg, you’re at 21 grams of protein.

Not bad for carby comfort food, eh?



So, how can pancakes be so protein rich?  We didn’t do anything other than use Kodiak Power Cake Flapjack and Waffle mix that we came across in our local Costco store some time ago. When we read the ingredient list we were shocked to see that  each serving of mix contained 14 grams of protein, 18 grams is you substituted milk for water, and 21 if you add an egg.

The Kodiak pancake mix tastes absolutely wonderful and since we discovered it, that’s the only pancake flower we used since.  That golden warm look…its from the ironware we use.

Unfortunately the only two places I’ve seen that sell it are Costco and on Amazon.  I hope there are more sources but those were the only two I could find.

If you like pancakes you owe it to yourself to try the Kodiak Power  Cake mix…I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

The next post will be more Oregon photos!



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