November 23, 2015: The Oregon Coast – Part V, Thor’s Well

Based on yesterday’s post to Thor’s Well we decided to visit it once again to see the differences when high tide rolls in.  We left Yachats in sufficient time to arrived about 30 minutes before the high tide was forecasted so we could be positioned without rushing.  As I was still recovering from the knee surgery I opted to photograph from the highway observation point while my wife wanted to be much closer to Thor’s Well when it began “spouting”.

Both vantage points had their pros and cons.  Being at the observation point allowed a much different view of the “big” picture while standing not far from Thor’s Well itself allowed a much greater visceral experience as the waves began pounding the rock and forcing the water up the spout.

The other advantage I had from the observation point was that I could not only watch Thor’s Well ebb and surge from the wave action but also see a different surge, the Spouting Horn, near the channel where I stood yesterday.

As the tide neared it’s zenith Thor’s Well began to surge and I was a bit anxious as I watched my wife moved closer and closer to the well’s edge.  Thor’s Well is approximately 20′ deep and, per my wife who was standing fairly close, approximately 15′ in diameter.  When you see the water explode upwards and then just as quickly withdraw back to the ocean you realize the potential danger from the immense power of the ocean  during high tide as it surges to and fro within the well.

As the high tide became coming in Thor’s Well turned from an “empty” hole to a frenzy of action as the water began surging into the well.  I took a series of photos of Thor’s Well when it’s empty to when the water begins to withdraw.  Also, here’s a link to her video of the wave action.

(All photos taken with the Nikon Df – note click to enlarge)

Thor’s Well beginning to fill…

The "empty" well

The “empty” well

Beginning to fill

Beginning to fill

Surging forth upwards and outwards

Surging forth upwards and outwards

The withdrawal to renew the cycle

The withdrawal to renew the cycle

























From my vantage point I was also able to the Spouting Horn go into action as the waves rushed up the rift in the rocks.  When I stood there yesterday I had absolutely no idea what would happen during high tide.  I must admit I was mesmerized by the sequence of events when the big waves rolled through the channel.  After a while I realized there were two types of spouting, the first would be a simultaneous spurting of water from the rock above the water and from a hole in the rock just above the water line.  The second was an explosion of spray from above while simultaneously shooting out from the rock wall.

The withdrawal to renew the cycle

Water spurting simultaneously from above and below the rock wall

The withdrawal to renew the cycle

A mist of water spurting above the rock while a jet of water shoots from the side of the rock wall














Next…Heceta Beach


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