January 24, 2016: B&W Without Adobe or NIK software

I haven’t posted in a while and for that, please accept my apologies.

Old rusted Iron Gate

Old rusted Iron Gate

Over the years I’ve been weaning myself away for the “elephant in the room” software, mainly Microsoft and Adobe products. The biggest reason is the hard drive footprint, their propensity to eat huge amounts of RAM and, perhaps most important of all, the ever-increasing cost, especially as my post processing (and word processing for that matter) only uses a small percentage of these programs. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a reason Adobe and Microsoft have the user base they have, and they are good programs. This is just me, my own thoughts.

A few years ago I downloaded a trial program of Capture One Pro (I believe it was Capture One Pro 7) and the more I used Capture One the more I realized that perhaps I can achieve my goal for the vast majority of my photo post processing. Capture One Pro 8 came out very quickly after I downloaded Capture One Pro 7 and as I began using it more and more, I quickly realized it was a very powerful program and the number of times I opened up an image in PS dropped dramatically. Then, out came Capture One Pro 9 and this new version absolutely rocks!!!

For the past four or five weeks I’ve been working on Digital Zone Photography to capture that “look” I achieved in film zone photography, both from the ever so critical exposure and the post processing work flow using only Capture One Pro 9.

Given this, I would like to submit a photo I took some time ago and reworked it today in Capture One Pro 9. The color version is not all that exciting but when I took the image I saw the BW possibilities. It is part of an iron gate we have in the yard that over time has rusted and corroded from the elements.

Please note I’m only a user of Capture One Pro 9 with no association other than being a very happy user.

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