January 24, 2016: Old Craggy Tree in Afternoon Sun

There is an ancient, craggy tree on Fort Lewis that we look at each time we drive towards the post.  Over time, the tree has grown in crazy directions and always rivets our attention.  One day in March 2014, the tree was particularly handsome in the late afternoon spring sun and we stopped to take some photos.  Since then, I have tried many times to bring out the mood we saw when the tree was graced by the late afternoon sun in springtime.  Spring and Fall are probably my two favorite times of the year for photography due to the unique quality of the early morning and late afternoon in the northern latitudes.  During these times objects painted by the morning or afternoon sun have a wonderfully warm feeling, especially when the background allows the “model” to really come into focus.

This week, using Capture One Pro 9 (with no Photoshop help) I was finally able to achieve that magical look I saw in March 2014.

Tree in Late Afternoon Spring Sun (Nikon Df)

Old Craggy Tree In Later Afternoon Spring Sun

Old Craggy Tree In Later Afternoon Spring Sun

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