February 4, 2016: Frosted Forest in Glass

We had a mild freeze two mornings ago that left a coat of frost on most everything in the yard, including a round smokey colored glass outdoor table.  In the fall we take the umbrella down so if the wind really picks up it doesn’t hit the umbrella hard enough that it shatters the tempered glass as it’s been blown over.  Yes, that happened one year and it was a mess to clean up.  As the table is fairly large we have no place to store in during the winter months so the glass top acquires it’s own very fascinating type of “patina” until it’s cleaned in the spring and the umbrella is reinserted.

My wife was on the patio that morning and called for me to come out.  When I arrived she pointed to the frosted glass table top and I saw that the frost had created a wild pattern similar to an abstract tree structure in the naturally formed “patina”.  It was really stunning and I had to work quickly before the sun rose much higher and warmed the glass up.

Frosted Forest in Glass (Nikon Df, Nikon 24-85 with polarizer filter)

Frosted Forest in Glass

Frosted Forest in Glass

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