February 4, 2016: Holm Oak In fog (in Infra-red)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m experimenting with Capture One Pro 9 (CP 9) as my sole post processing software, rather doing preliminary work in CP 9 then opening up Photoshop for final image processing.

In earlier versions of CP (seven and eight) I had trouble processing intra-red images to the degree that I liked and found that the only way I could successfully make the IR image “pop” was to open Photoshop and use NIK software for the finishing touches.  It drove me nuts that I had to use multiple programs to complete one image from start to finish.  However, I wasn’t successful in producing a BW version that I liked.  I suspect that’s a shortcoming on my behalf in covering IR to BW using PS and NIK software, not the software itself.

Note: Both images taken with a Nikon D100 converted to IR

Here’s my original attempt to convert the IR image to BW (CP, PS, NIK process)

Holm Oak in Fog (IR)

I decided to redo a previous IR image that I processed with CP 8, PS, and NIK software to see if I could post process it solely in CP 9.

I reworked the image solely in CP 9 and was able to move it from the IR state into what I believe is a very nice black and white image that has that distinctive IR look.  I am very happy with this image and that the improvements in Capture One Pro 9 allowed me to produce the image results I’m looking for.  (Disclaimer:  I do not represent Capture One Pro 9 nor do I receive any benefits other that being an extremely satisfied user.)

Holm Oak In Fog (IR)

Holm Oak in Fog (IR)

Holm Oak in Fog (IR)

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