February 12, 2016: A Walk in The Rain Amongst Moss and Lichen Laden Trees

Its’s been quite wet these past four months in our neck of the Pacific Northwest and I’m truly glad for the rain as it’s also snowing in the Cascades at the same time.  The more snow we have in the Cascade snowpack, the more water filters down to the aquifers which is sorely needed this year to make up for last year’s low snowpack (16% of normal).

The late fall, winter and early spring in the western part of Washington State can be overcast and cloudy for days at a time which, if you don’t mind the this type of weather, provides a quality of light that I truly appreciate as it allows for interesting photographic opportunities. And, yesterday was one of those overcast and rainy days I’ve been eagerly anticipating as it’s the perfect weather to photograph the lichen and moss laden trees on the American Lake Veterans Hospital campus.  The grayish overcast sky really makes the moss and lichen so much more luminous than on sunny days.

Even though rainy, the shoot was  magnificent. The campus is mostly closed on weekends and holidays so I had the area almost to myself with the occasional vehicle driving by.  The American Lake VA campus is stunning in many ways.  The grounds are well maintained, the trees are incredible in their size, the building architecture fascinates me as it always reminds me of buildings in New Mexico, and even though I’ve been to the campus many, many times, I’m always amazed at what I see.  Sometime in the spring I’ll go to the campus and wander for hours photographing the buildings and landscape.  For that shoot, I’ll be looking for sunnier days with billowing clouds scudding across the sky.

But yesterday’s shoot was simply to photograph the beautifully luminescent  moss and lichen laden trees that brings me serenity each time I visit the campus.

2016-02-13_15660 2016-02-13_15666 2016-02-13_15671 2016-02-13_15674 2016-02-13_15677

A peaceful setting on the American Lake VA Campus

A peaceful setting on the American Lake VA Campus





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