March 1, 2016: Symmetry

While I was photographing the bridge in the nearby pond a few days ago, my eyes kept being drawn, compelled even, to an old snag a short distance from the end of the bridge. I didn’t have a long enough lens that day so I went back yesterday afternoon with a longer lens to capture what I saw in my mind’s eye.  Again, there had to be that perfect combination of water level and light to do the snag justice.  The water level was critical for if it was lower even by a little, then the “island” the snag rested up would begin to emerge which would impact the symmetry.  As for the lighting, I was really hoping for that particular  flat light to give it balance.

Mother Nature didn’t disappoint me.  The rain continued (February’s total was 6.61″ as of this morning) and, as it was overcast yesterday afternoon, I had the light I was hoping for.

Symmetry (Nikon Df)






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One Response to March 1, 2016: Symmetry

  1. Ooooh, you de-colorized it after all? Boo Hiss!

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