March 15, 2015: Oregon Mini-Vacation Photos

Last week we spent three days on the Oregon coast for our 39th wedding anniversary.  Day  1 began at Multnomah Falls east of Portand and ended on Day 3 at the Yaquina Head lighthouse a little north of Newport, Oregon.

It was an enjoyable trip even though the whole of the Oregon coast was being pounded by rain and winds (with gusts up to 50 – 60 mph).  We made reservations at the Drift Inn in Yachats, Oregon a month before our trip even though we had no idea of what the weather would be.  We’ve lived in the Pacific NW since January 1987 and it didn’t really matter to us what the weather would be like when we made our reservations.   As the time of departure grew nearer we knew from the weather reports that it would be stormy during our stay.   So, we tossed in wet weather gear and off we went.  In many ways, we were excited about the stormy weather as we would able to see watch the waves at high tide when the Pacific ocean was in full storm mode.

While I took many photos over the three day period, today’s post will focus on two photographs…one from Multnomah Falls on the first day and the second on the  last day at Yaquina Head lighthouse.

The first photo was taken while walking the trail to the bridge overlooking Multnomah Falls,  The forest around Multnomah Falls is lush, trees are laden with moss and lichens everywhere you look, the air misty from the thundering falls not far away from where I stood, and the view was breathtaking no matter where you looked.  One of the reasons I particularly like this image is the luminous glow on the tree moss.  I knew I captured the intense green but the luminosity threw me when I opened the image up for post processing.  As I thought about this I suddenly realized that the glow had to be from the moisture that had accumulated on the lens (in spite of my best efforts) from the mist and rain as I took the shot.

Landscape in Rain

Landscape in Rain

The next image is the lighthouse at Yaquina Head.  It was late morning and the rain stopped for a few brief minutes that allowed me to capture the lighthouse with a stormy backdrop in a relatively rain free environment.

Lighthouse at Yaquina Head in stormy weather

Lighthouse at Yaquina Head in stormy weather


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