December 6, 2016: Season Greetings

2016 Solstice Window

2016 Solstice Window

The holiday season is upon us regardless of which tradition one practices.  For us, it’s Solstice and we begin decorating the day after before Thanksgiving and they stay up until early January.

The Ikea ring decorations

2008 Ikea ring decorations

One of our “traditional” decorations is our living room window.  We started this years ago soon after we moved here in 1987 using a wooden rack that we built to span the window.  Then in 2008 when we replaced windows and window sills, we switched to “nets” across the window to hang lights and decorations.  Later, we began using lights from Ikea, big round circles with “built-in” lights that we hung from the ceiling in front the window and decorated the rings with decorations.  Over time, the original lights that came with the Ikea rings began to burn out and we had to change how we decorated the living room window.

This season is my wife’s favorite time of the year and decorating the living room window is something she looks forward to all year.  This year, she decorated differently from the 2015 “blood and snow” motif, going for a more sparkly look, fewer decorations with the only lights being the icicles that provide joy and beauty in the day when the sun shines through as well as in the evening when the icicles light up.

Sitting in the living room is pleasant, relaxing, and joyful.

Also, my wife has challenged me to posting one holiday photo a day until December 31st.

Notes on the 2016 photo:  Nikon Df, Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat Art lens.



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