December 8, 2016: Our Solstice Tree

Our Little Solstice Tree

Our Little Solstice Tree

We’ve had many different trees over the years, cut, live, artificial trees.  As we’ve rearranged the living and dining room, we’ve positioned each tree to be displayed as best as possible.  This year, we’ve place our little artificial tree on the dining room table so our new kitten, Magpie or Maggie for short (now eight months old) wouldn’t be “too” tempted to play tag with the decorations.  So far, there’s been no kitten induced casualties but the season is not yet over.

The decorations have been acquired over the  years from Berlin, Germany to Washington State, including our most favorite bulbs, wax decorations my wife made, laser cut wood decorations to replace the original wood decorations from, Berlin that have slowly met their fate, dried orange slices, home-made hand painted bulbs, as well as many different heart-shaped bulbs.

The tins under the tree have been filled with cookies my lovely wife has been making thus far, including peanut butter shortbread with chocolate bottoms, snow balls (my wife’s favorite), red velvet roses shortbread with white chocolate bottoms, orange shortbread, and the best fluffy peanut brittle ever!

As each day marches on to Solstice eve, more tins with different cookies will be added daily.

Oh, how can I forget the most delicious lebkuchen from Germany…this year, the metal box they came in is themed with the chriskindlesmarkt, Nuremberg, Germany.

Technical details:  Nikon Df, 24-85 mm lens

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