December 9, 2016: The Dragon’s Keep

The Dragon's Keep

The Dragon’s Keep

Each Solstice we decorate the fireplace and mantle with home-made decorations, lights, stars, and whatever we feel will look beautiful from the afternoon sun or evening lights.

The Dragon fire screen was a birthday gift to me some years ago from my wife and, as you can see, it is completely at home.  It has both form and function.  The ironic thing was that it was too large to wrap so my wife put it in front of the fireplace and waited to see if I would notice.  As you can imagine, I was completely clueless and the family got a great laugh when it pointed out to me on my birthday.  As you can imagine, it is still a topic of great amusement, even to me!

Oh, the star lights on the mantel…it’s a melding of stars from a strand of lights that died some years ago.  The stars were a favorite of ours and we kept them for the future if we could get anther strand of lights that they could fit on.  And, as you can see, this year my wife came up with a way bring them back to sparkly beauty.

Technical Details:  Nikon Df, Lomography Daguerrcotype Achromat lens

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