December 10, 2016: The Ikea star in Our Office

Though I’ve not posted since the ninth, I really have been photographing Solstice decorations around the house so publishing.

Ikea Lights in our Office

The Ikea Star in our Office

Over the years we’ve picked up various Ikea lights and now have them hung in several places in the house.  This particular star has been hung in front of the window for some years and we always look forward to seeing it during the Solstice season.  As a 20mm lens was used for this image, it captured everything from the hanging woven decoration with the lights added by my wife to the big jar in the small bathroom filled with lights as well.

I took two versions this year…one as above and the other more moody in an abstract sort of way.  I like both versions but my wife likes the one above far more than my abstract version as it is a much better representation of what the Solstice lights look like when the evening falls.  Sitting in the office with only the Solstice lights and looking at the lights allows one to slow down and enjoy the view.

Ikea Solstice Star in Abstract

Ikea Solstice Star in Abstract

Yes, totally different from the first image yet it captures that abstract, moody feeling I was looking for when I shot the image.  This was a hand-held shot (the first image was on a tripod) using the Lomography Daguerrcotype Achromat lens whereas the first image was captured with a Nikon 20mm lens.  Two different lens, two different images that both have an intrinsic artistic values.

Technical Details:  Nikon Df, Nikon 20mm F4 lens, Lomography Daguerrcotype Achromat lens

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