December 15, 2016: Snow graced Dawn Redwood

Snow Graced Dawn Redwood

Snow Graced Dawn Redwood

Today I’m switching from decorations to the Dawn Redwood in our front yard as it’s very graceful and beautiful with snow graced limbs.

We planted this Dawn Redwood some years ago in a barrel.  Originally we had planted a Larch tree where the Dawn Redwood now resides but it died in one our really hot, dry summers.  So, we removed the Dawn Redwood from its barrel, pulled the poor Larch, dug the hole deeper and wider and planted the Dawn Redwood hoping it would do well over time.  For the first few years it was touch and go and at least twice we thought the Dawn Redwood had died when it dropped most of its needles by late summer.  As we looked closely at the tree we could see little nubs remaining on the branches…nubs we hoped would become needles next spring.  So we kept watering and hoping the tree had survived and would grace us once more with its beautiful needles.  As winter became spring we kept watching and then one day we saw needles beginning to emerge. As the weather grew warmer some of the needles began to turn brown so we redoubled our watering to keep it alive.  It worked as this the summer the tree was healthy with only a few needles beginning to turn brown by late summer’s end.   As summer turned to fall, the needles remained green.  It was a good feeling to see it thriving into the fall and winter and we look forward to seeing the needles emerge next spring.

Technical Details:  Nikon Df, 20mm lens



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