December 21, 2016: Catch Up Solstice Photos

I have been taking photographs since my last post but I’ve not been posting since then.  So, this morning, I’ll catch up.

2016 Solstice Window

2016 Solstice Window

For today’s post I’m use two images…the original from December  6 and an updated one taken in the evening after we had to redo the original design due to “kitty” impact when she rocketed into the display in her haste to “get the hummingbirds” that flew close to the window to inspect one of the glowing red bulbs in the afternoon light.  While laying on the footstool the cat saw the hummingbirds as they were trying to see if it the red bulb was a food source, made a small “chirp” sound and immediately launched herself to a nearby trunk close to the window then shot up at an angle toward the hummingbirds who were nowhere to be seen at this point, tangling herself in the net in the process.  As soon as Maggie the kitty hit the net everything began bouncing and angling toward the impact zone.  Obviously, immediate action had to be taken.

My wife came up with a really good plan to make the displays more “kitty” proof.  The  tred bulbs from the picture window were moved to a different window, all the ornaments and the net were taken down, a new hanging system was built and installed and the living room was rearranged.  Once everything was in place (a day long task), we took another picture in the early evening.  As you can see, the decorations without the net look much nicer.  A bonus is that we will be using this new system as each Solstice comes around.

Update window display sans net

Updated window display sans net

I also took a photo of this display with the Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat lens.  I’ve had the lens for a couple of weeks and I find images interesting.  As there’s no built in aperture, you  have to decide what type of aperture plate to use for the look you want.  I wanted a soft, dreamy look so I did not use an aperture plate, making the lens essentially a brass tube with glass to capture what I saw in my mind.  My wife calls the “dreamy” look “fuzzy”.  Nonetheless, I find the image quite captivating.

Solstice Window with a Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat Lens

Solstice Window with a Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat Lens


Technical Data:  Nikon Df, 24-70 lens, Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat Lens

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