December 26, 2016: Random Blog Reflections for 2017

Infrared converted to b/w - Graham marsh 2007

Thoughts on the Journey Ahead

One of the reasons I haven’t posted as much as I should have these past months is that I’ve been mulling over how I want to proceed with my blog in 2017.  While my original intent when I started blogging in September 2012 was to write about my journey and travels via photographs and accompanying narratives, I believe it is time to add to the tapestry I have been weaving these past four years, e.g., an enriched version of my current blog.

Some of the topics I’ve been considering is a chronological “Photo of the Month” where I choose what I consider the best photo for posting as well as an accompanying narrative.  Another topic would be “Random Thoughts” which would allow just that…random thoughts of items I find interesting.  Also in consideration would be on technology, a topic I find particularly interesting given the rapid advance of technology that “compels” constant upgrading vis-a-vis using what you have or performing a “retro” upgrade to make an “outdated” component more viable and why I choose this route.  Another topic which I truly hesitate to dive into as it’s one of those subjects that can quickly amp me up to the point where I feel I’m going crazy with anxiety, frustration, anger, and in some cases fuels the PTSD that haunts me. Yet, as I think about it, one of the best ways to address PTSD is to not avoid those triggering events, but to embrace the event, to understand why I’m being triggered, and how can I reduce or work with those emotions to avoid full-blown descent into the proverbial PTSD quicksand.  The last topic under consideration is posting images of those places we’ve been to, either as a couple, the family, or when I traveled on various business trips.

So, thus far my thoughts for the new year’s blog…which also necessitates that I update the categories, or perhaps the blog look.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the new format / topics, even though I will feel out of my element on some of the new topics.

I can only hope those of you kind enough to read my blog will bear with me through the growing pains as I’m sure there will some.  Also, if anyone has suggestions or observations that will provide insight to revamping a blog, please let me know.   I would welcome them!

Thanks all and here’s to 2017!



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