January 4, 2017: Hurrah! 2017 is Here!

Looking Forward to the Future

Looking Forward to the Future

“Out with the old and in with the new” as the old saying goes!  A good intro to my first post for 2017, especially given that I’m experimenting with additional categories to post in 2017.

Infrared converted to b/w - Graham marsh 2007When I wrote about what I was considering for 2017, I struggled for the right image to convey my thoughts.  While I  thought the B/W image above would best set the tone, my wife commented that it represented a closed gate, a gate that even if opened, led to a closed environment.  As I thought about her observation, I realized she was correct – the image I choose did not truly reflect what my vision was for 2017…so, this morning I selected an image I took in Ankara, Turkey when I visited in 2010, an image that reflects all the elements of my vision: the past, where I am today, as well as what the future could be.

When I took this image, I took it primarily for the partially opened gate as to me, that was the soul of this image, a glimpse of what could be from where we are today.  Yes, there are other elements in the image that are intriguing but it was the partially open gate that captured my imagination, to be curious of what could be.

Time, politics, religion and technology has impacted humanity over the centuries: good in many aspects, not so good in many other ways.  The constant struggle for advancement is always fraught with compromise whether to humanity.

While I, and my family, cannot change the world, we can do our individual parts in what we can to help the environment, recycle to reduce waste, and re-use what we currently have for another (both form and function) use, whether old wood, electronics, glassware, in the garden or yard, or for personal use.  We look at everything from a recycle or reuse purpose, try to purchase new items when needed) that are packaged in environmentally friendly materials, keep our 1/2 acre property as environmentally bee and bird friendly by not using harmful pesticides, and generally do our best to be earth friendly as possible.

More on reuse tomorrow!




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