January 8, 2017: Recycled “Soda” Bottles

While recycling is part of our daily routine, sometimes we acquire products made from recycled materials that have all the elements that excite us (Function and Form as well as being aesthetically pleasing).  And, if the recycled products also provide jobs to the area and people who make the products, then it’s even better.

Beautiful Glass from Recycled Soda Bottles

Beautiful Glass from Recycled Soda Bottles

These glasses are hand-made from “soda bottles rescued from the landfill” by Bambeco, a company committed on being environmental friendly and sustainability focused.   Each glass, hand-made and hand blown by master glassblowers (click here, then scroll down for a fascinating video of their process), has its own individual flare, they’re wonderful to hold and drink from, and stunning in their beauty.  I particularly like the rounded edges of the tumblers when drinking from the glass.  Yes, you really should watch the video, its very informative and , if for nothing else, just to see how they get all those wonderful colors in the glassware.

An added bonus is that all their packing materials are made from recycled materials, including an unusual paper they wrap each glass in that they encourage consumers to reuse in art projects as well as send in photos of their completed products.

Disclaimer: While it’s very obvious we truly like the glassware and would encourage others to look into this product, we receive no compensation of any sort from Bambeco.

Technical Details:  NikoBron (Nikon Df with Bronica 50mm wide-angle lens) and hot-shoe mounted flash



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