About Me

imagePhotography has been with me for many years – it began in New Mexico and has been my traveling companion since. I left New Mexico in 1965 but soon realised that it’s harsh but compelling landscapes, hot days and crystal clear cold nights with pristine views of the stars, and the richly painted colours and hues of the high desert mesa had unknowingly left a deep impression on me. New Mexico’s harshness, isolated beauty and will to survive, it’s majestic landscapes, and charm formed the backbone of my photographic eye.

I intuitively look for tranquility, the beauty in the not-so-beautiful environment. I photograph moments of quite solitude, whether near runways, freeways, at the edge of urban sprawl or just off the beaten path. They are “macro” landscapes involving a “slice” of the larger scene: an isolated tree, a midnight stroll along a snowy street, a windswept meadow, statements that speak by themselves, offering moments of peaceful contemplation, an opportunity to visually explore the scene, or simply to relax for a brief period of time.

I invite you, as I have, to step into the image and relax.


Roadside lake, Colorado 1977

Roadside lake, Colorado 1977


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Christopher Hall says:

    Hi Tom: I’m a freelance journalist who is writing an article about Pacific Coast “beauty spots.” Ruby Beach is included. Might you have a few minutes to talk by phone in the next week? Thanks.

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