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January 23, 2017: Skeletal Nikon F4 Body – the Story behind my PTSD Cauldron Image

A few months ago I ordered a “broken” F4 body for one specific component…the lens mount on the front of the body.  My goal was to make a custom Nikon F mount on a 4×5 view camera lens board to allow any … Continue reading

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January 8, 2017: Recycled “Soda” Bottles

While recycling is part of our daily routine, sometimes we acquire products made from recycled materials that have all the elements that excite us (Function and Form as well as being aesthetically pleasing).  And, if the recycled products also provide … Continue reading

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November 11, 2016: Storm Clouds and Moonrise over Rainier

The election is over and I’m in mourning for America for what is yet to come.  I needed reassuring that there is still love, peace and beauty in the world…a distraction from the shocking events of November 8th.  Anything to … Continue reading

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